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Dongshan Senior High School held the appointment ceremony of the Vice president of rule of law

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为深入学习贯彻党的二十大精神和习近平法治思想,推动青少年宪法学习宣传教育走深走实,为To further do a good job in the publicity and education of the rule of law education, student protection, safety management and crime prevention for teachers and students, guide everyone to know, understand, abide by and use the law, and effectively safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of teachers and students, our school held the appointment ceremony of the vice president of rule of law on the afternoon of October 19。Zhu Tongfu, Secretary of the Party Organization and Director of the Bureau of Justice, Chen Jing, Director of the Rule of Law Publicity and Education Section of the Bureau of Justice, Zhou Feihu, President of our school, Hu Liyun, director of the General Affairs Department, Sun Suo, Director of the Moral Education Department, Wang Yiming, deputy director of the Moral Education Department, and Wu Ying, liaison officer of the rule of law of our school attended the ceremony。The ceremony was presided over by Director Hu Liyun。


ritually,First of all, President Zhou Feihu of our school expressed a warm welcome to the leaders of the Justice Bureau to visit our school,President Zhou Feihu said: Director Zhu took the initiative to assume the responsibility of vice president of the rule of law of our school,Support schools in carrying out education on the rule of law and building safe campuses,To improve the management level of our school to govern the school by law and education by law,Optimize campus environment,Encourage students to form good habits,It is of great significance to lead the scientific development of the school。


Subsequently, President Zhou Feihu issued a letter of appointment for vice President of Law and Order of Dongshan Senior Middle School for Director Zhu。


Secretary Zhu Tongfu said: The government should do a good job in docking with schools, form a joint force, and deploy and implement the rule of law education and teaching management。The vice president of the rule of law shoulders the major political responsibility and legal responsibility of strengthening the publicity and education of the rule of law for minors,In the future, the vice president of the rule of law should effectively perform his duties,We will help build safe and law-based campuses,The work will be solid, solid and detailed,Actively guide young people to firmly establish the concept of rule of law and cultivate legal thinking,Work together to ensure the healthy and vigorous growth of young people。


As an important position for students to become adults, our school will continue to promote the spirit of the rule of law, do a good job in law education for teachers and students, and let every teacher and student be a good advocate of the law and a communicator of the rule of law。At the same time firmly implement落实习近平总书记发表的关于纪念现行宪法公布施行四十周年重要署名文章精神,持续深入在校开展宪法宣传教育,不断深化学生的法治宣传教育成效,引领学生做社会主义法治的忠实崇尚者、自觉遵守者、坚定捍卫者。


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