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Teacher and Student Health China Health | Promote life education and build safety barriers

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Teacher and Student Health China Health | Promote life education and build safety barriers

For implementationJiangning District primary and secondary schools, kindergartens emergency rescue training three-year action Plan (2023-2025)The spirit of the document,In three years, we will expand rescue training positions in primary and secondary schools, expand the contingent of emergency rescue teachers, achieve effective coverage of normal emergency rescue services, and significantly improve teachers and students' awareness of disaster prevention and risk aversion and self-rescue and mutual rescue capabilitiesDongshan High School actively carries out healthy Donggao, "save" in the side - Nanjing Dongshan Senior high School staff emergency rescue training。


This training by Jiangsu Red Cross ambulance trainer, Dongshan High School doctor Qian Jing teacher lectured,She mainly focused on three techniques: cardiopulmonary resuscitation, AED and airway foreign body obstruction,Through theoretical teaching and practical operation,Each participating faculty member should initially master the application of cardiopulmonary resuscitation and airway foreign body obstruction removal, identification methods and operation points, as well as the use of AED,Making a breakthrough in first aid skills that would never have been possible。


In view of the key points and difficulties of the operation process, Teacher Xia, the school doctor of Dongshan High School, gave a demonstration and a simple explanation。


Practice is the soul of the applied technique of first aid, and the training will reserve more time for the operation, aiming to focus on the three core points of cardiopulmonary resuscitation - chest compression, open airway and artificial respiration。

Our teachers and trainees came forward with great courage and confidence to practice on stage. Most of the teachers were new to Resuscitate Annie, but with their serious learning spirit and strong recognition of the importance of life education, they did a great job on their first attempt。Let's take a look at their different styles。




In the intense assessment process, all the participating staff passed the assessment at one time, and the operation process was rigorous and smooth。



In actual situations, the combination of cardiopulmonary resuscitation and AED can greatly improve the success rate of rescue. We will conduct the guidance exercises of cardiopulmonary resuscitation and AED operation in pairs of staff members who have passed the assessment, so that they can be more relaxed when encountering emergencies。


According to the plan, our school will use three years to let all the teachers, dormitory administrators, security personnel, etc., master the basic rescue knowledge and skills, obtain the ambulance certificate, and form a three-dimensional emergency rescue system。

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