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Nanjing Dongshan Senior High School carries out legal education activities

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Young dream of France and Germany counterparts
-- Nanjing Dongshan Senior High SchoolRule of law education activities

Effectively improve the legal consciousness of our school students。Under the care and concern of the leaders of the District Law Publicity Office, the District Education Bureau and the District Justice Bureau, at the invitation of our school, Chen Jing, Chief of the Legal Publicity and Education Department of Jiangning District Justice Bureau, and Wang Changjiang, director of the Legal publicity and Education Department of Jiangning District Justice Bureau, together with the propaganda comrades of the Justice Bureau, visited our school to guide the legal education work, personally teach legal courses, and carry out the "First Lesson of the Rule of Law".。The training was hosted by Hu Liyun, Director of the Safety Department of our school。

On the afternoon of September 4th, the students of Grade One and grade Two gathered in the auditorium to listen to a wonderful legal education class, which was taught by Mr. Wang Changjiang of Beijing Zhonglun Wende Law Firm。Mr. Wang has been engaged in legal work for many years, and is a senior legal expert who is respected by the industry。The lecture was titled "Youth Pursuing Dreams,France and Germany together "as the theme,Take the relationship between laws and regulations and knowledge of various disciplines as the context,We will focus on citizens' right to education, construction safety, environmental noise pollution prevention and control, food safety, and patent protection,To technical norms, standard norms, codes of conduct,Contract specifications, etc., are clauses,Start with a variety of specific cases encountered around,The relationship between morality and rule of law was explained to the students in a simple way,Let the students feel that the law is in life,Right here with you and me。

Only by having laws and regulations to follow can we better protect the legitimate rights and interests of employees and the safety of people's lives and property, and better promote social development and scientific and technological progress。The first lesson of rule of Law activity is the beginning of the routine course of rule of law in the new semester of our school, aiming at cultivating students' legal knowledge, law-abiding consciousness and spirit of rule of law, and creating a dream home。"The country can not be prosperous, the family is not established", as a good character and learning, ideal Donggao students, in the study of the law, understand the law and law-abiding, and walk with the law at the same time, to have a more forward-looking vision, cultivate future competency, become the backbone of the motherland and society。

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