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Youth infinite good life does not come again
-- Nanjing Dongshan Senior High School carried out fire safety theme education activities

Release time: 2023/8/25 18:34:52 Author: Lin Guiping Views: 141 times

Effectively improve the emergency response ability in the face of fire, and promote new fire safety awareness。On the afternoon of August 18, our school invited Captain Wang Jun of the full-time fire brigade of Jiangning High-tech Park to conduct fire safety education activities for all freshmen in high school。

On the afternoon of August 18, all freshmen of high school gathered in the auditorium to learn fire safety knowledge together。Captain Wang Jun popularized the four aspects of basic fire knowledge, typical fire cases, basic fire extinguishing knowledge and fire escape knowledge。From the classification of fire to fire hazard factors, from the principle of material combustion to the use of different fire extinguishers, from the necessary content of calling the fire alarm to the precautions of fire escape......Captain Wang Jun gave a detailed explanation to the students。As a front-line fire police, Captain Wang Jun has a profound knowledge and rich practical experience, his explanation is simple, that one after another living fire cases affect the hearts of the students。

After the training, our school carried out a fire emergency escape drill according to the principle of "quick response, safe self-rescue"。With the sound of the alarm, many places of the venue filled with thick fog, communication group, security group, rescue group and other groups of personnel to evacuate and self-rescue work, students in the organization of teachers and staff, quickly and orderly evacuation from the safe passage。

After the exercise, Director of Safety Department Hu Liyun and Director of Moral Education Department Sun Suo summarized the performance of the students。Both teachers stressed that "youth is infinitely good, life does not come again", life is infinitely beautiful, but very fragile。Each student builds a strong sense of fire safety in his heart, and actively finds and eliminates fire hazards around him in peacetime to prevent them from happening。In the fire misfortune comes to use the knowledge, calm face。In addition, it is necessary to raise safety awareness in transportation, food, epidemic prevention and other aspects to ensure that life is as safe as possible and live every day。

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