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2023 Dongshan High school title evaluation (recommendation) leading group and working group publicity

Release time: 2023/6/26 10:32:01 Author: Lin Guiping Page Views: 582 times

2023Dongshan high school title evaluation (recommendation) leading group and working group publicity

1. Leading group

组长: Zhou Feihu

Deputy group leader: 房军Ji Lijian, Zhu Cuihua,Lv Qingfeng王涛

2. Working group (Principal's Office, middle-level positions, teaching departments, including those who have declared their titles)

1.Division of labor

Group leader: Zhou Feihu

Deputy Team leader: Fang Jun, Ji LijianLv Qingfeng王涛

员:Luo Xiaowen, WANG Chengbing, Zhang Xiaojun, WU Xueqin, Sun Suo

2.Job content

(1) Public teachers who declare the title of the seventh grade11Among the teachers, recommended11位。

(2)Do teachers to apply for grade 7 major titles4A teacherPass or not

(3)Public teacher申报Band-6 post的4A teacherPass or not

(4)Whether a teacher who has applied for a Grade 8 post by a public teacher has passed it。

5Public teacher applicationsentral2A teacher, pass or not。

(6)民Apply for teacher applicationGrade big title3A teacherPass or not

3. 工作Time: June 29, 2023 afternoon

工作地点:南站校区Jingcheng TowerLecture Hall, 1st floor

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