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Precision research standard precision teaching - Nanjing Jiangning, Lishui, Gaochun District, high school, high school chemistry continuous teaching and research activities carried out in our school

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南京Municipal education researchIn order to promote the comprehensive reform in the education field of new curriculum, new teaching materials and new college entrance examination (referred to as the "Three new"), and effectively cultivate students' core literacy of disciplines,引导Teachers renew teaching philosophy and quality oriented teaching methods,Led by the Teaching and Research Office of Jiangning District, the Teaching and Research Office of Gaochun and Lishui District jointly held the "Seminar on Teaching and Evaluation of New Teaching of Chemistry in Grade One and Grade Two from the Perspective of Core Literacy" in Nanjing Dongshan Senior High School on March 21, 2023.。

A total of more than 80 teachers in the three districts participated in the activity, and the seminar was divided into two sub-venues, Grade One and grade two, with 4 open classes and 4 lectures, which provided excellent samples and typical lesson examples for chemistry teachers of grade one and grade two in the three districts and counties to deeply understand "Three new" and change the concept of education and teaching and the way of educating people。

来自Lishui Senior High SchoolEugoyunGaochun District Hubin senior high schoolLv YongyuIn the first year of high school opened the theme ofA new course on the Exploitation and Utilization of Natural Resources。

Teacher You introduced the aluminum alloy materials from common life into the classroom,Stimulate students' curiosity,Metallurgy of metal minerals by industrial production of aluminum from bauxite,The metal activity sequence table is used to explain the method of smelting metal,The content of metals Al, Fe and Cu in the earth's crust is compared with the length of the three metals' exploitation and utilization by human beings,Cause cognitive conflict among students,Finally, the aluminum in bauxite is extracted from acid and alkali solution,Have a clear mind,Link integrity。Mr. Lu introduced the course to metal materials, the components of automobile parts, to attract students' interest in learning, and then proposed how to prepare aluminum, iron and magnesium metals, from the blast furnace iron making that students learned in junior high school to the thermite reaction to prepare iron.Supplemented by experimental evidence of the principle, from the known to the unknown, step by step。The transition from Napoleon's aluminum tableware to magnesium aluminum smelting, connecting nature, and finally explaining to students the importance and measures of reasonable development and utilization of metal mineral resources, so that students can turn from chemical problems to life problems, and cultivate students' sense of social responsibility。


Lv Yongyu, from Hubin Senior High School in Gaochun District, taught the course "Development and Utilization of Natural Disaster Resources",Ms. Lu introduced metal objects from everyday life that students were familiar with,It creates a real situation,This situation leads to metal smelting,Thus solving the problem of preparation of metal elements,And feedback chemistry basic knowledge and basic theory,It fully embodies the core quality of chemistry。Teacher Lu has a strong affinity in class, fully applies the history of chemistry to analyze and discuss problems, and the design of classroom questions is precise and ingenious, reflecting the curriculum goal of moral education。


Ms. Tan Sumei from Jiangning Senior High School combined two new lessonsHeld a lecture with the theme of "Experience in Senior High School Chemistry Teaching Practice Based on Students' Perspective".From the three aspects of the selection of teaching content, the construction of teaching methods and the creation of teaching culture based on the perspective of students, Mr. Tan elaborated his own thoughts in the process of chemistry teaching in senior high school. The lecture content was vivid and rich in connotation。


Zhou Guojun from Gaochun Senior High School in Jiangsu Province unreservingly shared the practice and successful experience of the construction of the chemistry group of Gaochun Senior High School with the participating teachers。Including junior and senior high school knowledge linking teaching, situation teaching,Combining the case of nitrogen and its compounds emphasizes the teaching of elements and compounds,Combine the atomic structure with the nature of elements and the position relationship in the periodic table to cultivate students' particle view and change concept,Pay attention to the structured design and teaching of cognitive thinking。The practical content of the lecture reflects the rigorous teaching and research style of the chemistry group of Gaochun Senior High School。


Synchronized with the senior One seminar, there is also the heterogeneous teaching display and lecture exchange of the same course of the optional compulsory organic chemistry teaching in senior two。Jiangsu Gaochun Senior High SchoolMs. Zhang Jing and Ms. Gu Jiyi from Nanjing Dongshan Senior High School opened a new course on Organic Synthesis。

Ms. Zhang Jing uses the synthesis of ibuprofen as a teaching context,A variety of student activities are designed,In teacher-student exchanges and student-student discussions,The students were constantly guided to sort out the ways and reaction conditions of formation and transformation between different functional groups,And complete the key link of synthesis in the new situation in time,Timely feedback and timely evaluation,Class discussions take place in a relaxed and positive atmosphere。


Teacher Gu Jiyi's teaching style is natural and friendly, from extracting natural organic matter, carrying out local structural transformation and modification to make its performance more perfect, to synthesizing organic matter with specific properties that do not exist in nature to meet the special needs of human beings, and leading the students to realize the significance of organic synthesis。Focus on breaking through the basic ideas and methods of the introduction, transformation and protection of functional groups, warm and consolidate the basic knowledge of organic chemistry at the same time, combined with new situations to solve new problems。


Subsequently, teacher Lian Wenming from the Teaching and Research Office of Jiangning District commented on the two classic and wonderful new lessons, affirming the teaching design that the two teachers follow the cognitive rules of students in combination with the situation and pay attention to the cultivation of students' core qualities。On this basis, teacher Lian Wenming made a special lecture of "Precision research standards, precision teaching - on the selective compulsory teaching of chemistry in senior two"。


Director Lian further interpreted the evaluation system of the college entrance examination and the trend of the new college entrance examination, and emphasized the change of the basic investigation content of organic chemistry。Finally, the author puts forward some valuable suggestions for the selective teaching of chemistry in grade two from three aspects: strengthening research consciousness, strengthening system consciousness and strengthening classroom consciousness。The content of the lecture is strategically located but based on the classroom, which fully combines the characteristics of regional teaching and research and front-line teaching, and provides more in-depth thinking for the teaching of the participating teachers。

The end of the meeting,Wang Hongju, a teacher from Lishui Senior High School, took Nanjing High School Two just finished the survey examination of the six schools as a starting point,Analyzed the examination data of our school,Combine the daily teaching work of the lesson preparation group,Some thoughts and measures on subsequent learning are put forward,Adhere to the basic knowledge in place, logical thinking in place, the ability to analyze and solve problems in place。


To promote teaching by research, teaching and learning。This special teaching and research activity focuses on the background of "core literacy" and focuses on teaching improvement, which is carried out through two links: classroom teaching demonstration and teaching discussion。The teachers who participated in the activity updated their teaching ideas and improved their ability。It is internalized in the mind and externalized in the practice. Through communication and discussion, it has a great role in promoting its professional development and teaching ability。Participating teachers have said,This seminar provides a good reference for teachers to cope with new challenges in the context of new curriculum, new textbooks and new college entrance examination,Classroom teaching reform has a long way to go,We need to change the concept of teaching,Pioneering and innovative,Implement discipline literacy,Strive to achieve the "three new" classroom teaching reform implementation。

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