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Notice of 2023 Jiangning District primary and secondary school students' Information literacy Promotion Practice Evaluation activity

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Primary and secondary schools(含特校, high vocational school:

According to the Nanjing Education Bureau Office on holding2023Notice on Practical activities of Promoting Information Literacy of primary and secondary School students in Nanjing"Document notice and requirements,为Improve the information literacy level of primary and secondary school students in our district,做好Student numberThe selection of works and contestants shall be decided upon after research2023Jiangning District primary and secondary school students information literacy promotion practice evaluation activity。Hereby refer to评比Notice of events as follows:

1. Participants

District primary, middle and high schools(including secondary vocational school), special education students。

The competition consists of primary school groups(including special education), Junior Middle School Group (including special education), senior middle School Group (including special education and secondary vocational school)。

二、Project setup, related requirements

1.This computer productionWork contestActivity contentDigital creation, computational thinking(Two major items), the field competition of artificial intelligence projects will be organized separately at the district level, with reference to the national and provincial event project notice。

Note: Typed in the table"●(National event), ★(Municipal event)" represents the corresponding event of the group。

2.Submission requirements:

其中Digital creationin-projectComputer painting”和“Electronic board newspaper"There are many project works, and each school should organize internal primary elections,The number of entries submitted by the school shall not exceed 2% of the total number of students in the school, each work is limited to 1 author and 1 instructor.There is no limit to the number of works submitted for other projects

Submission and evaluation of works in 2023 will rely on the "Nanjing Primary and Secondary School Students' Information Literacy Promotion Practice Activity platform, platform website:。The deadline for submission of student works is 20233月10日。Submit specific requirements and login detailsSee the attachment1、2

The work information is the basic data to carry out the evaluation workPlease fill in carefully according to the requirements, be sure to be accurate, complete, and do not miss items。

3.Work evaluation qualification examination

Works in the following circumstances shall be disqualified from participating in the evaluation and winning the prize, and those in bad circumstances will be passed Report to the relevant education department and school。The details are:

1) Works with obvious errors of political principle and common sense of science。

2) Obvious copying of others' work。

3) Works that have been officially published, works that have been published in the media, and works that have participated in other national competitions。

4) Works that do not meet the relevant requirements for the definition of the form of the work。

5) Works containing computer viruses。

4.After the completion of the work report, the district audio-education center will organize experts to conduct district-level selection, select advanced units and excellent tutors and students' individual awards, and select excellent works to participate in municipal competitions。

     All schools are invited to widely publicize and encourage interested tutors in various disciplines to actively participate, or join the Jiangning District computer production competition group (group number:198370321), please contact Ms. Qiu of the Electronic Education Center, Tel: 52285395。

Nanjing Jiangning district teaching laboratory

  Nanjing Jiangning district audio-visual education center

February 21, 2023



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