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What should a qualified parent of a high school student do?

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In today's society, parents are very concerned about their children's education。A family with high school parents, from taking care of the child's body and mind to diet, from paying attention to the child's academic performance to professional interests are the test of parents。Parents have to be versatile, play many roles。So, what should a qualified parent of a high school student do?This article hopes to inspire parents。

  1.Be a parent who loves learning and thinking

  Children need different parents at different times, if you are still doing the parents of junior high school students or even primary school students, there is no doubt that you are dragging high school children back。

  As children grow up, there is less need for parents at a shallow level, and more demand for parents at a deep level。With the deterioration of people's learning ability, it is often the wisdom of our parents that cannot grow faster than the growth of children。

  Therefore, after parents finish their work during the day, after the child falls asleep, in the dead of night, we have to work hard to read and study hard and think hard, analyze every action and every word of the child, and deal with various problems of the child。

  Every communication with children should be carefully prepared, just like a teacher prepares a lesson, just talk about one topic at a time, don't rake up old scores。

  Today's high school is completely different from the one we attended 20 years ago, Today you can give up your day off to listen to a high school teacher talk about what's going on in high school,You're the elite of parents,Because you know what your kids are going to face when they get to high school, You know kids. You know kids,This is your first step to conquering the child,Children are proud and happy because they have parents like you。

  Smart children face this complex world, produce some seemingly rebellious opinions, some are suppressed by ignorant parents, some are precipitated and become hidden dangers。

  2.Focus on appreciation and watchfulness far more than endless nagging

  I'm afraid to answer some of my parents' calls because of the electromagnetic radiation and because of my weak arms。Some parents come to school, I have to hide in the lab, she came for a whole day, each teacher has to listen to her talk for more than an hour...

  She's the one who nags the kids,I guess...,This kid won't get a word in edgewise at home,She's still blaming the kid for coming home and not talking,Parents who don't have any information about their children are less secure,The more he nags aboutNagging is about insecurity,I don't trust because I don't know,I don't understand because I don't communicate,Not communicating is not listening,Not listening is a lack of respect,No respect because no recognition,You can't talk without it,Vicious circle,Children's ears and mouths have long been selectively closed to their parents。

  High school students already have the awareness and ability to deal with problems independently, if the child has difficulties and confusion, we parents do not have any tips, I suggest that we still pay attention to and watch, smile to give children the power to overcome setbacks, silence wins sound, sometimes the education of inaction is promising。

  Do not nag all day long, what eat slowly drink soup ring and so on to change the problem of ten years have not changed, do not change, put it as a personality with a lifetime。

  As the kids get older, we mostly stick to one strategy: clear goals, invisible work。

  Much of the education and influence of wise parents on their children is carried out silently, and a few words are better than hysteria。

  3.What kind of kids need extra lessons?

  Now the exam-oriented education,Children get up early, stay up late and work overtime,Repeat each point at least three times in school,The core key knowledge will be trained more than five times,If your child still needs tutoring,Obvious attitude issues,Attitude does not complement attitude method does not complement method knowledge does not complement knowledge,immisalignment,The right medicine is needed。

  Learning without thinking is an attitude problem,The soul of learning is deep thinking,The mark of diligence is to use one's brain rather than to stay awake,The process of learning is intentional attention rather than unintentional attention,Just like I have walked in the campus of a middle school for more than ten years and do not know how many steps there are in the stairs,It's not about the length of time,Some people struggle until they are seventy years old, but they can't get into college because they study unconsciously for a long time,Some knowledge really only takes a minute of concentration to acquire...

  Since making up lessons is so popular, I would like to talk about making up lessons。In my opinion, there are three kinds of children that can be considered for tutoring。

  First, slow children who can't keep up with the pace of the teacher's lectures need a patient and meticulous teacher who is not tired of making up lessons。

  Second, children who have fallen behind and now want to learn especially need an experienced teacher who can quickly connect new and old knowledge。

  Third, the weekend can not control their parents can not control the children, you need a strong manipulation of strict supervisors accompanied by a remedial teacher。High school students must ask their children's advice when they go to cram school,Some children are reluctant to compete with other children for teachers in school due to personality reasons,A week requires the teacher to answer questions about what he has learned during the week,I support a tutor for a child like that,At the same time, parents should pay attention to and urge their children to carefully prepare the problems and content that need to be solved for the weekend class。

  4.Be a delayed enjoying parent who suffers before and enjoys after

  Worry-free and enjoyment must be the goal of our parents, which is the motivation for us to stay with our children during the effective period of education。The growth of a child, the total amount of parents worry about is certain, when I was a child to send grandparents there, you relaxed, after school parents will be harder。

  Some parents are really busy and have no time for their children,Junior high schools pack up their children and send them to certain private schools,A semester of not asking questions,The child appears to have been graded up,Many defects of character and will are hidden,In high school, it's hard work and it sucks,Compare that to some public school kids,A difference of tens of points is normal。

  The ease of your child's early education will surely make up for the later education with twice the hard work。Even according to the principle of physical conservation, the total amount of parents' hard work is constant, which is fair to you。But for the child, he will always have a hard life, a hard life...

  I say this today for those who want to be the hand of the shopkeeper who want to pack their children all to the school to remind them that the high school life, which is more heavy than the academic task of junior high school, really needs your company。

  In some private schools under the quality of education,The child gets a high score from the junior middle school to enter the model high school,Children enjoy quality teachers and quality classmates at the same time,We need to be aware of the gaps in the early years of parental support for children and the gaps in the quality and will of children to learn independently,I also hope that the children themselves should know this gap。

  5.High school is more important than high school

  After the high school entrance examination, many students in Grade Three will relax completely and feel that their study can finally take a breath。In junior high school, the tighter the grip, the more repeated students want to catch their breath, the more obvious the idea that some schools, some classes, some teachers only pour knowledge and do not teach positive energy, such children into high school, the easier it is to relax。Why is high school more important than high school?

  The first is the cultivation of learning methods and learning habits in high school, and children who lag behind in high school will lose in learning technology and learning skills。

  The second is that the content of the first year of high school is not a third of the high school, at least half, because the new class can be ended one month before the summer vacation of the second year of high school, and the whole year of third year is used to review。

  Take physics as an example, without the establishment of mechanical ideas in high school, more than two-thirds of high school physics has collapsed。So encourage your child to work hard as soon as they enter high school。

  Some children disapprove of the high school, at the same time, the third grade with a year of hard to test a demonstration of high school experience, to develop their own third year and then struggle strategy。

  I have seen too many children who are entangled in problems and kidnapped by difficulties because of the poor foundation to the third year of high school and can not move forward, crying and beating their chest, others brush a set of papers for half an hour, and he does a question for half an hour。

  Ten thousand dollars of this and one million of this business, the number of earnings and the rate of return has no relationship, only to see which of the cost is enough...High school children's grades are stable parents you start to worry。

  6.Don't be too quick to believe that your child is doing his best

  The only child defeated how much education theory, not the theory is useless, but we care too much about the happiness of the child so that we can not carry on。

  Don't believe that computer games can eliminate the fatigue of study, there is no reason to believe that all-night games use one kind of fatigue to overcome another kind of fatigue, it is nonsense。The best rest is sleep, the best tonic is music and sports。

  Do not easily believe that children in learning has been "all out", at best can only be counted as "best" 。

  Tell a story: One day, the hunter with the hound into the mountains to hunt, the hunter found a rabbit, bang a gun, the rabbit hind legs were shot。The hunter ordered the hound to chase the rabbit, the hound chased behind, and the rabbit ran hard in front。After a while, the hound came back panting, and the hunter asked, "Where's the rabbit??The hound said dejected: "Master, you do not know ah, the rabbit fought to run, I can not catch ah.。The rabbit ran back to the hole, and the companion asked, "You are so powerful that you can escape from the hound's mouth.?The rabbit said, "You don't know, I run with all my heart to escape, and the hound is trying his best to chase the bone.!”

  College entrance examination, we must go all out, although there is no possibility of fainting, but we also have to prepare for fainting。

  7.Help your child become a master at manipulating and controlling time

  No one will casually succeed, success is planned out, parents early education is to help children plan time, what time to do what, how to do, timely evaluation timely correction timely affirmation, slowly the child will learn to arrange time reasonably, then he will be closer and closer to success。

  On the surface, the excellent students are not much more diligent than others, they have time to surf the Internet, time to play, time to play music, time to play games...

  But all the play was on his schedule, even talking to his parents。

  The excellent students in my class make a list of things to do the next day before going to bed, and tick off one item the next day...Is that tiring?Learn on time play on time sleep enough work and rest, there is no reason to be very tired。

  The biological clock is a very powerful thing, it allows every cell in your body to have a memory function, and at the point of time, every cell participates in learning and every cell participates in playing。

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